Dreamlike Dharma


Shakyamuni Buddha said in the Do-de Kalpa Zangpo [Bhadrakalpa Sutra], ‘I manifested in a dreamlike way to dreamlike beings and gave a dreamlike dharma, but in reality I never taught and never actually came’. From the viewpoint of Shakyamuni Buddha never having come and the dharma never having been given, all is mere perception, existing only in the apparent sphere of suchness.

Dudjom Rinpoche, “Dzogchen View of Tantric Ngöndro

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Goddess Bixia Yuanjin

Journeying to the Goddess

“Sunset Kwan Yin” by Christal

Bixia Yuanjin’s themes are air, protection, luck, freedom, birth and movement. Her symbols are wind, clouds, kites and chrysanthemum petals.  A weather Goddess who lives in cloudy high places, Bixia Yuanjin attends each person’s birth to bestow good health and luck upon the child. She is also a wind deity, helping to liberate and motivate us with fall’s gently nudging winds.

During mid-autumn, the Chinese take to nearby hills and fly kites to commemorate a sage, Huan Ching, who saved villagers from disaster by instructing them to take to high places, thereby protecting them from a mysterious plaque.  So, consider doing likewise today, even if it means just climbing a ladder! Move up off the ground, breath deeply of Bixia Yuanjin’s fresh air, and discover renewed wellness.

If you feel adventurous, chrysanthemum wine and cakes are traditional feast fare for longevity and good fortune. An…

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A Zen monk asked for a verse:

Wonderful Buddha

“Mind itself is buddha” — difficult to practice, but easy to explain;
“No mind, no buddha” — difficult to explain, but easy to practice.

– Eihei Dogen

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Amor bondadoso para ti también


Por Sharon Salzberg

«No confío en las personas que no se aman a sí mismas y todavía me dicen “te amo”. Hay un proverbio africano que dice: “Ten cuidado cuando una persona desnuda te ofrece una camisa.”» –Maya Angelou

En la enseñanza budista clásica, la práctica del amor bondadoso comienza extendiendo amor y compasión hacia uno mismo. Con una idea de la espiritualidad como autonegación, autojuzgamiento o, incluso, automortificación, esto parece muy extraño. Sin duda, a mí me pareció extraño.

En 1985 fui a Birmania para tomar un retiro prolongado de meditación de amor bondadoso, un entrenamiento diseñado específicamente para abrir nuestro corazón y fortalecer nuestro sentido de conexión con la vida toda. Se trata de una práctica de meditación que nos permite disolver esa rígida sensación de «yo» y «otro» y de «nosotros» y «ellos» que puede hacernos sentir tan aislados, tan desconectados y con tanto miedo. Otra forma…

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La Lección de una Flor

Preview: Photographic Brushstroke/Midnight Garden, Van Chu/Cy DeCosse, Verve Gallery Of Photgraphy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

BWGallerist : Black and White Fine Art Photography

From left to right: Departure 4 (2010), Van Chu; Queen of the Night (2012), Cy DeCosse From left to right: Departure 4 (2010), Van Chu; Queen of the Night (2012), Cy DeCosse

New Mexican photography fans are in for yet another treat from the Verve Gallery of Photography. Their most recent gallery juxtaposes the surrealist psychadelia of photographer Von Chu against the lugubriously dramatic florals of Cy DeCosse.

Van Chu is a Vietnamese artist who came to the United States in 2001. He was awarded his MFA from the University of Utah in 2010 in digital imaging/photography. Van’s work and his passion are to push the boundaries of photography. His creative technique gets away from photography’s foundational role of making an image that accurately portrays what it represents. Therefore, his artistic energy is to create, not to capture. His minimalist style is decidedly reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings in their symmetry and deceptively simple lines. Of his work Van opines, “That Asian…

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Notable: New “Visions” piece from Brian Lav

BWGallerist : Black and White Fine Art Photography

Brian Lav, Garage Window

Our friend Brian sent us a newslideshow to share with you:



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